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Frutalgoz means Flavour!
Frutalgoz means Quality!
Frutalgoz means Sustainability!
Frutalgoz means Trust!

Frutalgoz Means Algarve!

We enhance the value of the region’s produce and contribute to the growth of the sector in a sustainable manner. We also aim to maintain a culture focused on quality, communication and innovation.


Frutalgoz Means Trust!

Based in Algoz, in the municipality of Silves, FRUTALGOZ Lda was incorporated in 1983. The company’s main business activity is the exploitation of farm produce, specifically the production and marketing of citrus fruit.

As part of conducting our activity, we at FRUTALGOZ do everything we can to enhance the region’s produce and contribute to the growth of the sector in a sustainable manner. We also aim to maintain a culture focused on quality, communication and innovation.

We grow our own produce here at FRUTALGOZ, so we are able to monitor the entire production process, from growing the fruit to harvesting and selling it. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

What drives us


FRUTALGOZ’s mission is to grow and sell citrus fruit. We aim to enhance, promote and draw attention to the Algarve’s citrus fruit, contributing sustainably to a dynamic of growth in the sector.


To be recognised for our brand excellence in terms of producing, advertising and selling Algarve citrus fruit, based on our experience and longevity.


In line with our business strategy, here at FRUTALGOZ our focus is on:

– A policy of continuous improvement centred on quality and innovation;
– Compliance with the safety and hygiene standards applicable to our products, thereby earning our customers’ trust; 
– A specialised approach to production using eco-friendly techniques (integrated production) and supporting the producers who work with us in improving their production facilities;
– Respect for customers, suppliers and the contracts we enter into;
– Recognising our people as our most valuable asset.


1983 – Founding of FRUTALGOZ – Sociedade Agrícola do Algoz Lda, bringing together various citrus fruit producers from the village of Algoz in the municipality of Silves.

1994 – Acquisition of all the shares by one of the founding partners and his children, and a change in the company’s policy with the implementation of dynamic development strategies.

2006 – Awarding of Pre-recognition as a Producers’ Organisation pursuant to Regulation (EC) no. 2200/96.

2011 – Awarding of recognition as a Producers’ Organisation pursuant to Regulation (EC) no. 1234/07.

Currently, FRUTALGOZ has seven partner producers and is still classed as a Producers’ Organisation pursuant to Ordinance no. 298/2019.

Our Team


Sílvia Neves
Management and Planning
Commercial Department
Human Resources

Luís Neves
Harvest Coordination
Field Logistics

Technical Team

Dinarte Pereira

Miguel Faustino
Quality control
Production technician

Marco Silva
Plant Manager

Marco Silva
Plant Manager


Frutalgoz Means Flavour!

Our citrus fruits grow in pure, fresh air, under the famous Algarvian sun, and they are harvested with loving care and attention.

FRUTALGOZ products sold on the domestic and international markets are carefully prepared and packed in compliance with strict quality and safety regulations and are certified under various certification standards.

The best, sweetest and juiciest citrus fruit!



Known for their intense colour, juicy and for being very sweet.



Allowed to ripen naturally, resulting in in juicy and fragrant fruit.


The Algarve’s oranges are known for their intense colour and for being very sweet and juicy. Oranges are sold year round since we produce seasonal varieties that ripen at different times of year:

  • Autumn/Winter (Newhall and Navelina)
  • Spring/Summer (Navel late, Lanes late, Valencia late and Valencia delta)


The lemons produced by FRUTALGOZ are allowed to ripen naturally, which results in juicy and very fragrant fruit.


  • Eureka
  • Lunario

In line with the table of varieties and respective periods of ripening/marketing, we harvest our fruit at the appropriate time to ensure the quality of each variety. Depending on the weather conditions that occur, there may be small variations in the ripening process.



Frutalgoz Means Sustainability!

FRUTALGOZ’s partners are the main suppliers of the fruit that we sell and all of the orchards are run using integrated production practices.

This production system is based on good agricultural practices that take a holistic approach to the entire process and give pride of place to the rational management of natural resources (improvement and conservation of the soil; management and conservation of water; preservation of biodiversity; plant healthcare and adequate nutrition).

Thanks to our adequate working methods and modern equipment, at FRUTALGOZ we can promise our customers the highest standards of quality and logistics, including large-scale and retail distribution.

From production through to sales, our working systems at FRUTALGOZ incorporate the following practices:

  • Orchards operate using the integrated production method and are certified by GLOBALG.A.P.;
  • Ripeness indexes are used to ensure that the different varieties are harvested at the most appropriate times;
  • HACCP system, which incorporates the fruit production plant’s self-monitoring system;
  • Traceability system incorporating the EAN 128 logistics system;
  • Post-harvest inspection, with microbiological analysis of the facilities and equipment and analysis of phytopharmaceutical residues in the end product;
  • Training plans for all employees;
  • Certification of the end product.

The citrus fruit workflow is as follows:

Cared by a team with years of experience, raised under the famous Algarvian sun, our citrus fruits are hand-picked and at the optimum point of ripeness.


Frutalgoz Means Quality!

We guarantee quality control throughout the entire productive process, from production to marketing.

Quality is one of FRUTALGOZ’s fundamental pillars, allowing us to provide customers with products that meet high standards of excellence through rigorous control measures and certification.

The Company

GLOBALG.A.P. An international certification system that sets strict standards of good agricultural practices and aims to ensure safe and sustainable agriculture worldwide.  

Grasp GRASP is an additional GLOBALG.A.P. module that was designed to analyse aspects related to social practices in primary production and can only be implemented and audited in operators that have GLOBALG.A.P. IFA certification.

PME Líder – PME Líder (“SME Leader”) status is a seal of recognition created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merit of Portuguese SMEs with superior performance.


PGI – Protected Geographical Indication, Citrinos do Algarve (Algarve citrus fruit)
A protected brand under Regulation EC no. 510/2006, which targets the promotion, protection and enhancement of agricultural products from a specific region. The citrus fruit produced by FRUTALGOZ complies with PGI requirements and is certified by independent inspection bodies.

Integrated Citrus Fruit Production All of the citrus fruit produced and sold by FRUTALGOZ complies with integrated production standards (food production in accordance with good environmental practices) and is monitored and certified by independent inspection and certification bodies.

Global GAP – This is currently one of the most reliable and highly-regarded benchmarks in terms of guaranteeing food safety for consumers, environmental protection and worker and animal welfare.

Frutalgoz Means Algarve!


5th Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja (Silves, the Orange Capital Exhibition) Frutalgoz

The fifth edition of the Silves Capital da Laranja Exhibition, which is taking place in digital format this year, came to Algoz to meet Frutalgoz.  In an interview with Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves, Frutalgoz producer Sílvia Neves talked about various topics, including the company’s history and the particularities of the citrus fruit we produce.

Watch the video here.

Escolha Portugal | Frutalgoz | Episode 44

Frutalgoz was featured in episode 44 of the Continente Producers’ Club programme Escolha Portugal (“Choose Portugal”).

Watch the full video here.

Mercadona steps up investment in oranges from the Algarve

In 2020, Mercadona Portugal bought over 600 tonnes of oranges. Apart from loose and packed oranges, Frutalgoz also supplies oranges for juice machines. Read the article published in the magazine Fruta e Legumes and the Mercadona article here:…/FLF-215_grande-plano…


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Sítio das Ferrarias
Cx. Postal 292 Algoz
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